Shortening attention span

I took part in this year's JTEL Summer School as one of the students. The venue was organised in a beautiful city of Ohrid in Macedonia with the hotel situated directly on the deep-blue Ohrid lake. To me the place was a perfect choice for the event like this. The beautiful landscape and fresh air... Continue Reading →


REVIVE workshop at the EDEN 2010 conference

This year’s EDEN conference takes place in Valencia in Spain, the city that I truly fell in love with last summer.  It is a fascinating city full of life, cultural heritage, beautiful beaches and green parks, tasty olives and sardines, and awe-inspiring Santiagio Calatrava’s architecture. But telling you about the city is not the reason... Continue Reading →

Google docs – a usage scenario

So, as promissed in the post Google Apps fo the OU students - will other follow?,  here comes the usage scenario on Google Docs. The original text is included into the iCamp handbook Google Docs If you are fifty years old now and you think back to your studies you certainly remember having to work... Continue Reading →

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