OER reuse landscape

A mindmap with the OER reuse landscape which I created last year as part of the JISC-funded OER impact study needs updating! It was supposed to be a living document. Well, it was. For a little while. It even got attention and contribution from overseas! But now it looks oudated and… dead. It’s been only a year and the discourse about OER has changed so much. I’m still in this field. Still looking and reuse side of things. As part of my SCORE fellowship with the OU I am investigating the ways in which Higher Education Institutions in the UK are trying to raise engagement with OER use amongst their academics. As a buy-product of my research I am collecting links to webistes, guides, handbooks, toolkits and tools that can support academics in their OER (re)use practice. Maybe this should become a part of the exsiting mindmap?