Selected publications

Journal papers, book chapters and papers in conference proceedings

Comas-Quinn, A., Wild, J., Carter, J. (2013). Leveraging passion for open practice. Proceedings of OER13: Creating a Virtuous Circle. Nottingham, UK, 26-26 March 2013

Masterman, L., Wild, J. (2013). Reflections on the evolving landscape of OER useProceedings of OER13: Creating a Virtuous Circle. Nottingham, UK, 26-26 March 2013

Highton, M., Fresen, J., & Wild, J. (2011). Making academic OER easy: Reflections on technology and openness at Oxford University. Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning, 15(2), [28–40]

Masterman, L., Wild, J., White, D. & Manton, M. (2011). The impact of OER on teaching and learning in UK universities: implications for Learning Design. In Cameron, L. & Dalziel, J. (Eds). Proceedings of the 6th International LAMS & Learning Design Conference 2011: Learning design for a changing world  (pp 135-144).  8-9 December 2011, Sydney: LAMS Foundation

Wild née Kisielewska, J., Wild, F., Kalz, M., Hofer, M., Specht, M. (2009): The Mupple Competence Continuum.  Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Mashup Personal Learning Environments, 4th EC-TEL conference, Nice, France

Wild née Kisielewska, J. (2008): Collaboration: Google Calendar. Google Docs. In: Grodecka, K., Wild, F., Kieslinger (Eds.): How to Use Social Software in Higher Education. A Handbook from the iCamp project, pp. 51-58

Danielewka-Tułecka, A., Kisielewska, J. (2006):  Wyzwania w wirtualnej przestrzeni edukacyjnej. Proceedings of the annual conference: Rozwój e-Edukacji w Ekonomicznym Szkolnictwie Wyższym. Warsaw, Poland

Kisielewska J., Chrząszcz A., Kusiak J (2005).: Success factors in vocational training for teachers in Poland. Proceedings of the EDEN Annual Conference, Helsinki, Finland, pp. 610-618.

Kisielewska J., Chrząszcz A. (2005): From a teacher to an ‘e-teacher’ – vocational training in e-learning for educators. Proceedings of the 5th IFIP Conference, Poznan, Poland.

Chrzaszcz A., Kisielewska, J. (2004): From F2F teaching to e-learning. DESC’s experience in teachers’ training. Proceedings of the EADTU Annual Conference, 2004 Netherlands.

Refereed conference papers

Masterman, E. & Wild, J. (2011). Exploring the concept of mediated action as a framework for analysing learners’ and teachers’ engagement with digital technologies. Paper presented at the British Educational Research Association Conference 2011, Institute of Education, London, 6–8 September 2011.

Masterman, E. & Wild, J. (2011). Tipping the balance through trust in a digital peer: An intelligent tool to support lecturers’ engagement with technology-enhanced learning. Computers and Learning (CAL ’11) Conference, Manchester, 13–15 April 2011.

Ryan, S., Masterman, L., Wild, J. & Laurillard, D. (2011). A Learning Design Support Environment: using technology-enhanced learning to support teachers in developing their practice. Paper presented at the SEDA Annual Conference, Aston, 17–18 November 2011

Published research reports

White, D. Wild, J. (2014) Incoming expectations of the digital environment formed at school (pdf)

White, D. Beetham, H. Wild, J. (2013) Students’ expectations and experiences of the digital environment literature review (pdf)

Geng, F., Fresen, J., Wild, J. (2013) WebLearn Student Experience project. Requirements gathering report (WLSE)

Masterman, L., Wild, J. (2012). World War 1 Centenary: Continuation and Beginnings. Evaluation report. University of Oxford

Wild, J. (2012). OER Engagement Study: Promoting OER Reuse Among Academics. SCORE Report. University of Oxford and Open University

Masterman, L., Wild, J. (2011): OER impact study: Research Report. JISC Open Educational Resources Programme: Phase 2.

Volungeviciene, A., Wild, J. (2009): Harmonization of pedagogical and technological methodologies for reviewing and reviving existing VET curriculum. REVIVE project deliverable.

Wild née Kisielewska, J.(2008): Supporting Digital Literacy. Public Policies and Stakeholders’ Initiatives. Country Report: Austria.

Other published materials

Wild, J., Wilson, R. (2013): CC BY – what does it mean for scholarly articles? Blog post published at the Open Access at Oxford blog:

Wild, J. Form novice to expert OER user: the OER Engagement Ladder. Presentation held at the JISC Innovating e-learning 2012 conference.


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