I am currently in Nottingham, participating at the ALT Conference. Tomorrow morning I am going to be one of the facilitators of the workshop “Innovating in teaching with an intelligent design environment” organised by the LDSE project team that I have joined very recently. In the workshop the participants will try out the very early... Continue Reading →


Paradigm 2.0

Paradygmat 2.0 is the name of a brand new blog that Ilona Buchem and I lunched last week. We will be writing about issues related to Personal Learning Environments – at least for now. Pontydysgu hosts the blog and Graham Attwell wrote some nice introductory words to welcome us and make us visible to as... Continue Reading →

REVIVE workshop at the EDEN 2010 conference

This year’s EDEN conference takes place in Valencia in Spain, the city that I truly fell in love with last summer.  It is a fascinating city full of life, cultural heritage, beautiful beaches and green parks, tasty olives and sardines, and awe-inspiring Santiagio Calatrava’s architecture. But telling you about the city is not the reason... Continue Reading →

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