my panel at the OER12 conference in Cambridge

I am currently attending OER12 conference in Cambrigde. Today I will be moderating a panel: “Embed, don’t bold on. Promoting OER use in UK universities
I will have 5 experts on my panel.

Why this topic?
We all know that academic buy-in is crucial for sustaining the OER movement.
We also know that academic staff need support in using OER, not only to start-off but also to take take their OER engagement forward.
In the UK a major funding for OER-related projects came from the HEA/JISC OER programme. The first two strands of JISC funded OER projects were focused mainly on releasing materials and creating institutional workflows. This has shifted, however, and, what is now in the foreground is the use-side of OER and institutional support for taking the engagement with OER forward. There is a nice blogpost describing this shift written by Amber Thomas at the JISC digital infrastructure team blog.

So against this background, the question we are going to address in this panel is:
−how to take OER engagement forward?
−what works and what doesn’t when it comes to raising engagement with OER use amongst academics?

Why I am moderating?
Mainly because these happen to be also the questions I am trying to answer within my SCORE fellowship.

What all the panelists have in common?
All panelists are SCORE fellows as I am, they are all interested in the use-side of OER and they are all involved in the initiatives that are aimed at promoting OER use among academics in their institutions. What differs is the approaches they take.

And this is what brought us together today:
−We want to share the approaches
−See how they are different, what do they have in common.
−How can we build on each others knowledge, experience and insights into what works and what doesn’t to improve our institutional support services and to give some recommendation to those who are just starting with their efforts to get academic buy-in.


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